Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alloy Fashion Footwear Continued Again....

Finally, I have a few more Alloy Catalog shoes to share with you, this time it's a mixed bag of stilettos and cute non-boots. I can't get enough of the cute footwear in this catalog, if you haven't already you should sign up for the catalog (or be green and browse the website). The site isn't just a shopping site, there's a lot of fun content I could easily get lost in if I just let myself.

The Oxford Stiletto 170086 is a bootie-lite, a cute wool oxford with a 4 1/2 inch heel. These shoes aren't my normal style but I'm loving them and imagining mixing them with a cute menswear ensemble. I can see gray wool pants and a black blazer over a patterned blouse. I know, overactive imagination. They also come in chestnut detailing and navy blue wool but those are a little too retro for my taste. These are available in sizes 6-10.

Another great fall choice is the Bailey Stiletto 170106. At $29.90 these are about the best deal out there. You could wear these gray suede pumps with anything, any season with weatherproofing. They're pretty and you can also pick them up in black patent. Perfecto!

Lately all the fashionistas have traded their black pumps for nude and why not? They make the legs look a mile long, creating an unbroken line from your hem to the ground. They're great for thicker ankles because there's no separation between skin and shoe. For pale girls like me there's the Coco Stiletto (169431) in Nude. It also comes in black also with a cork sole. J'dore cork soles, they're so lightweight and cute. These 5 1/2 inch heels will make me tower over my medium height hubby but if he's got no insecurities about it why should I? Bonus- They're on sale for $24.90, down from $36.90. These are a great evening shoe year round.

If you're in the market for a budget version of the YSL Iconic may I suggest the Cai Heel 170060. These shoes are available in brown (pictured) and taupe. While I'm so pasty I could probably use the pale taupe as a nude I think the brown would be great for darker skintones. What do you think? These heels are classy and a little shorter at only 4 inches with a 1 1/2 platform. These are the ideal shoes to be both fashionable and reasonably comfortable.

If you're not the black/brown/nude shoe girl (I'm usually not) I can't say enough great things about the Julia Heel 170743. While it comes in a natural black-white snakeskin print I'm obsessed with the colorful multi style. Orange and blue, so pretty. I'd probably remove the ankle strap to wear with dresses but keep it for stability when wearing some 70s inspired flares or wide-leg jeans. Sexy!

And perfect for transition into fall is the Jade Wedge 169107. I'm seeing visions of this shoe pared with thick black tights, preferably patterned, all winter long. How cute is that. These platforms are substantial but they'd work in the evening in warmer months. I'm not sure I can pick between the gray suede or the black faux leather. Both are perfect. I'd probably rock the gray mostly in the summer and early fall and keep the black for the rest of the year. These puppies are on sale for $24.90 but if you want them hurry and scoop them up, they're going fast. Not to worry there's a very similar style on the site, probably a replacement.

What do you think? Would you wear any of these? Do you have any Alloy shoes and what did you think of them? Can't wait to hear all about it.


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